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June 2017 FishnHunt Forum Newsletter....

A big Hi to all Forum Members
Well summer and autumn have come and gone and with the seasons went great summer fishing, opening opening of duck shooting and the highlight of most hunters year, the roar. Snow is now on the ground in much of the high country and we are settling in for winter.
Don't forget there is still good winter steel head fishing at Taupo, big fish in the Rotorua lakes and still excellent salt-water fishing. For me the central North island experienced the wettest inclement summer on record and the autumn/winter are shaping up the same.
Despite the weather we had some pretty awesome trout fishing with lots of larger than normal trout caught in the backcountry rivers.. and I think that was a reflection on the floods and storms that left the rivers quite devoid of smaller fish.
On the other hand we were in the outer Marlborough Sounds for 10 days and it rained almost every day! Lots of wildlife everywhere and some good fish caught but bloody wet!.
Also we fished for kahawai on the east coast around a small river mouth and again it did not disappoint with large numbers caught however they were mostly smallish but dam good eating. With flounder, mullet, crayfish, scallops, venison, snapper, kahawai, rabbits and wild pork the old NZ diet is pretty good. Who needs the supermarket. Grow your own veggies and say goodbye to Countdown or New World. Personally I just don't understand why more people are not semi self sufficient. All we have to do is get rid of fast food outfits, power and petrol companies and life in NZ would be grand!

Firearms Matters
It seems the police have their own agenda around changes to the firearms code and their submissions to the firearms select committee did not sit well with most legitimate firearms owners. There seems to be another agenda being run by the police management and the police Association. A couple of weeks ago the police issued a new "Firearms Code 2017" and printed versions I understand were available from police station counters. In it they had made up some new rules such as having to justify why you have certain rifles when a police officer decides to check your security. This is way out of line and when the booklet became publicly known the backlash was loud and condemning. Suddenly the booklet was withdrawn and in a national press release the police commented "Unfortunately an incorrect version of a revised Code was published on the Police website recently. This version contained a number of errors and has subsequently been removed from the website. Police apologises for any confusion or concern this may have caused among gun owners."
In the final report published by the Select Committee they quoted that many of the upwards of 22,000 illegal firearms in NZ were from burglaries of licensed firearms owners. That being the case a lot of us are missing our rifles and shotguns and have been burgled, however we know this is not the case.
The Fishnhunt Forum did its own survey on behalf of the NZ Outdoors Party asking 1100 licensed firearms owners had they been burgled and lost firearms in the last three years. The answer was that 1.6% had ..
Using figures supplied to the Inquiry by the police, about 220,000 burglaries were reported in the three years inferring that this was the source of most of the illegal firearms in the hands of gangs. But if you consider that to steal a firearm you need to firstly burgle a registered firearm user (240,000) then only 1173 burglaries took place each year of places that possibly had firearms stored in safes. It does not stand that they actually broke open the safes and actually stole a firearm.. It also does not stand that all of the 220,000 burglaries were of licensed firearms holders. The question is how did the select Committee arrive at 22,000 illegal firearms in the hands of gangs mostly from burglaries?. They also conveniently ignored the fact that sawn off .22 rifles and sawn off shotguns are the gun of choice for gangs. Upon breaking open a safe in one of the 1173?? yearly burglaries of licensed firearms owners and not finding a .22 rifle or shotgun, what did they do? You would assume if they stole the sporting rifles or the old antique rifles or even just granddads old 303 they would appear on the market and on sites such as ours for sale. So where are they.
Another recommendation of the Select Committee is to license any websites who facilitate the buying or selling of guns such as ours. It would be an offense to "facilitate the trading of guns. They also want the "permit to procure" to be applied to all sales and trade between licensed users. So as suspected at the beginning of this hearing, gangs and illegal firearms have eluded the inquiry, instead it took on a anti gun flavour..
If in a position after the election The NZ Outdoors Party, will put a stop to this nonsense and get the police to concentrate on stopping burglaries in the first place instead of attacking legitimate law abiding and licensed firearms owners.
Forum thread

Roar Comp
We have again got a wonderful set of prizes for our annual Roar Competition and the list is growing.
You need to write a story about your roar trip and include photos. Post it up on the competition page and be in to win one of the great prizes. roar_comp_2017

Forum Events
For the last few years we have dropped the ball a bit when it comes to forum events. The annual fishing competition and the forum camp out weekend seem to have fallen by the wayside. I am keen to resurrect these and I am going to look at getting a spring camp out/ get together organised.
I am wondering if anyone is keen of getting our forum fishing competition up and running again...let me know. Another event that we should try again is the forum clean-up of roads/road ends and the last one at Clements Road, Kaimanawas was a resounding success. It showed hunters care about the environment that is their "sports field". Again anyone got ideas step up...

Outdoors and the September Election
My pet project the last two years has been to get the new NZ Outdoors Party up and running. Its been a big job but we now have the numbers to register the party and that process will take place over the next month. The party still needs more members so we can show that we are a cohesive force when it comes to outdoors Issues. It was announced last week that we have received $37,330.00 to spend on advertising this election. With some generous donors we will double this and are planning to concentrate on publicising a number of our core issues around hunting, fishing, access and so on. For the first time in an election you will see tv adds and so on targeting outdoors issues this election.
If you have been going to support us and haven't done so as yet then now is the time to do so. Supporting the Outdoors Party does not mean you have to vote for the party as many people have very definite voting preferences but by joining and supporting us they get issues important to them raised in the election debate and hopefully taken up by bigger parties.
NZ First via Richard Prosser regularly posts on the forum and that is most welcome as we need to know what all political parties are planning for us. None of the others bother to engage but when you think about it they don't have anything constructive to tell hunters and fisherman. Its all bad news. The Greens plan to make all semi Auto shotguns and rifles category E firearms and that effectively captures a big chuck of the duck shooters shotguns.
Issues such as increasing pollution of our waterways, more poison from the air, the proposed commercialising of DoC land, rubbish and loo paper from freedom campers at every road end, excessive trawling of our fish stocks, access to the back country have all taken our time but every day the list seems to gets longer. This is a long term project and I hope the Party will grow and be advocating for the outdoors for ever. We have also formed a relationship with the Australian Shooters, fishers and Farmers Party which has been very successful in Australia with outdoors people being elected to several seats in various parliaments.. The Outdoors Party needs your support NOW. Don't wait until next week!

Join Online
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Outdoors Party Latest Newsletter

Lower North Island Red Deer Foundations Court Challenge.
The LNIRDF had its day in court and we now await the outcome. This whole process has come about by some hard work by some very dedicated people and then the support of hunters with donations. Everyone involved should be congratulated and if the result is in hunters favour we are well in their debt. It has the potential to have far reaching effects on how D0C consult in the future. I put out a press release about it which says it all. Press release

Give your support to this group - find out how by going to LNIRDF? They also need donations to continue the legal fight.

Campfires on State Land
Many will have been following my scrap with DoC over a camp-fire I was sitting by and the charges laid by Doc. At the review court hearing DoC withdrew the charge saying they had new evidence. Right from the beginning I told them I was not even there when the fire was lit but they had me in the spotlight and never bothered to even try and locate the other person even though they had his name. As the thing proceeded through court they were forced to seek out the other person who when contacted gave them a statement that said that he lit the fire and that I was not there at the time. They decided not to prosecute him but asked him write a letter saying he would not light a fire again on DoC land!
In my opinion This was an example of extremely poor investigative work on DoC's behalf and the ranger who pursued it should have been sacked! It took up a lot of time and expense on both sides. This certainly has soured my relationship with DoC and I will not be helping them again in any capacity.
However this does not change the fact that it is now illegal for you to have a camp-fire on D0C land and that includes marginal strips etc etc 365 days of the year in the Central North Island. It includes all of the Ureweras, Raukumara Forest Park, Tongariro National park and all other land managed by DoC. This notice was again published in newspapers 28th April 2017. The same applies for the rest of the North Island, Kawekas, Ruahines, Tauraruas etc.
I really think this is matter we need to take some action on unless hunters and fisherman today are happy to carry a stove with them. The rule used to be a fire under meter for cooking and warmth is now gone. Any fire no matter how small or how desperate, is an offense punishable by 2 years jail. Personally this is a crock of shit dreamed up by bureaucrats who have never been in the bush. But unfortunately if I now comment on it I'm labelled a fire bug (Doc press release and facebook posts) and as someone with an axe to grind. This is something I will continue to pursue because to me a camp-fire is an integral part of being in the bush.

Love the NZ Outdoors - support the Outdoors Party.

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    Rainy day photos

    While we have had a few days of rain I have been scanning old photos and for those who are fly fishing enthusiasts you may like to see an image of my great friend (now deceased) fly fishing guru and worlds most published fishing author John Goddard stoking the fire at the Omar bivy camp on the Ngaruroro river about 1986. We were just starting to use a few of the meat hunting helicopters to explore these "then: remote fishing rivers. Often sitting in a pool of blood on the floor of the chopper that had been stripped out for carrying carcasses.

    Also an image I took of the Sambar heads displayed at the National Hunting Exhibition in Wellington about mid 1970's. All of these heads were NZ wild hunted. No Safari parks in those days.!

    Love the NZ Outdoors - support the Outdoors Party.