Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

We are already into October and Xmas is heading our way fast. Spring hunting is getting under way and the trout fishing season has started in many areas. So its all full on for the next 9 months.
I went off for a fellow deer hunt last week for a few days and plenty of deer were to be seen and they all looked in very good condition despite a cold winter.
The Sika show has come and gone and there is still plenty of snow on the ski fields so the competition between the boat and one last ski trip is a good one to be having. We are very lucky to live in this country and be blessed with so many outdoors activities on our doorstep we struggle to find time for them all.
The weather around the central North Island and Hawkes bay has warmed up considerably so expect plenty of grass to grow on the bush edge bring the deer out.
For me the orchard is in full blossom, plenty of bees this year and the dam grass is growing like mad. There is still plenty of fish in the Tongariro River and the local hunters tell me plenty of deer are out and about. I have a feeling this is going to be a good season so get the gear ready!

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This months book which is also donated by Craig Potton Publishing is "Land of Birds". More on the book in the Review section of the forum. We will draw this book prize at the end of the month so if you are thinking about becoming a donor member then do so and you will be in the draw. A big thanks to Craig Potton Publishing for this giveaway.

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Forums of interest
These areas of the forum are very popular and read hugely.
The Sika show has been and gone and the organisors are very keen to hear your views on the show and how they might change it for the future. There are big changes in the wind so they are keen to hear your thoughts.
I find this thread Huts, Bivies & Shelters one of the most interesting as it brings back so many memories.

New Forums
We are trialing some new forums which we hope will give our younger members a chance to have a forum of their own. The same applies to Female hunters who are a growing group and we would like to encourage more of. Come on Girls!
The Young Hunters forum. Only under 16 years can post in this forum.
The Young Anglers forum. The same applies Only under 16 years can post in this forum. To date nothing from young anglers!
The Female Hunters forum. Only Female members can post in this forum.

New Zealand Outdoors Party
Over the last few months I have been busy as the promoter launching a new Outdoors Political Party to concentrate purely on issues affecting the outdoors.
It is really important anglers and hunters join us so that we can work towards protecting our environment and sport.
Already we have a fabulous sign up rate from people of all walks of life who are concerned about the new Zealand Outdoors that we all love.
October newsletter
One thing we are very clear on is that members will participate in developing policy which is the reverse of all other political parties. So if you have ideas or would like to be involved then please join now.

Titbits and Gossip
- I hear on the grapevine that If you go hunting with Fordy be expected to carry the animal as it is too heavy for him!
A 69 year old at the hut having a Nana nap when Fordy came charging in saying the stag he had shot was too heavy for him to carry. So a 68 year old had to climb down a steep hill, cut it in two and carry half of it back up the hill for him! Fordy you would never have survived in the meat hunting days! This is all gossip of course!

- The Fishnhunt Forum Fishing Competition is on again Sat 31st October at Gulf Harbour. There is a thread on it at Forum Fishing Competition You can read the friendly banter about last years competition and who was sea sick etc.

- Talk about forum fishing competitions we used to have some great forum get togethers in the bush and I'm hoping we will again in the future. My long term planning is to coincide with the Sika Show when they undertake their "possible" new venue change etc but that will not be a for a year or two. So would someone like to put their hand up to try and organise something. We need a big bush clearing so everyone can stay the night in vehicles or tents, a huge bonfire and lots of good company.

- As many of you know at the last election I campaigned for recreational fishing reserves.... Whispers have it that a paper is before cabinet". Since then the minister of fisheries has announced the new Blue Cod Rules for the Marlborough Sounds and I noted in his speech he said there would be a paper released next year on Recreational Fishing Parks. OK we were promised that paper would be out in Nov 2014 so my suspicion is that the timing of this is all about it never happening! The paper will have been before Cabinet for at least 6-9 months which tells me there is huge objection to it from some members of government and I suspect the fishing Industry itself. And then by the time the discussion paper has been "discussed" it will time for the next election where they will say they honoured their election "bribe" by producing a paper. Politics at it's best!

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The forum needs commercial advertising to survive so if you know someone or are in a position to advertise then take a look at our advertising page Also please note that forum supporter adds now get a banner as well that displays in the actual thread.
What about telling our 7000 (real) members and the thousands of individual guests who visit every day what you are selling or offering? What about new products for spring hunting or the opening of the fishing season?

Forum Upgrade
I have been working on a new upgrade of the forum software which will allow a few new features. It is proving to be more complicated that I first thought mostly because the forum is so big. I will give notice on the forum when I finally make it all work and shut down late one evening. Guess what I haven't made any progress on this since the last newsletter! Time!

I have copied this item from David Haynes (one of the co-founders) out of the Outdoors party newsletter because It is important we understand the past and just how little we as fisherman and hunters have achieved in 13 years.

Those of you who remember the Outdoors Recreation Party, brainchild of Stuart and Zane Mirfin, will remember the big ripples it caused in the 2002 General Election, but the birth of the ORP was equally as memorable.

Standing on the back of a ute at the Molesworth goose hunt in 2001 Stuart Mirfin proclaimed "enough was enough" and that he was forming a political party so that anglers and hunters could have a say in the management of their sports. A huge cheer ensued and a little over twelve months later, in the 2002 General Election, the Outdoors Recreation Party had won 26,000 votes nationally, taking around 5% of the party vote in Nelson, Tasman and the West Coast electorates. It was huge - ACT and National tried to persuade them to drop out prior to the election with all political parties suddenly declaring they had very similar policies to those espoused by ORP, entirely coincidentally of course. Stuart, his wife Sherry and their son Zane, had rocked the NZ political landscape which had for years systematically ignored the rights and needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Back in 2002, the core issues for ORP were:
1. to stop the indiscriminate aerial spreading of 1080.
2. to protect access to public land.
3. to fight degradation of freshwater and protection of sports fish.
4. to enshrine deer as a valued recreational species and remove its "pest" status.
5. to curtail inshore commercial fishing in preference to recreational sea fishers' rights to catch and gather kai moana.

So a viable outdoor focused political party was born and preparations began in earnest for the 2005 election. Mindful of needing electorate seats to enable them to take part in electoral candidate debates and deciding they needed to convince their voters that they were politically neutral, or at best moderate, they decided to "gift" their party to United Future.
In hindsight this proved a fatal mistake with ORP members and voters shying away from voting for what they perceived to be a fundamental christian group. United Future gained less than 6,000 additional votes compared to 2002, where the other 20,000 outdoor voters of 2002 went remains a mystery.

So here we are in 2015 and what are the main issues for us canoeists, horse riders, hunters, fresh and saltwater anglers, game bird shooters and other outdoors enthusiasts? Exactly the same!

- Aerial spreading of 1080 has continued unabated and actually increased, despite its perpetual use over the past 50 years having failed to exterminate, or even control possums, rats and stoats as promised.

- Public access mapping has been improved with the Walking Access Commission GIS system but they fail dismally when it comes to stopping private interests from appropriating public access, simply because the legislation neuters them from exercising any legislative power.

- Freshwater standards are now expressed in the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management. Unfortunately these err in favour of primary industry, do not fully kick in until 2030 and still allow nitrates to be discharged at levels (6.9mg per litre of water) toxic to many aquatic organisms - animals who can't simply go somewhere else.

- Deer are still being labelled as pests, particularly by DoC and the more fundamentalist environmental organisations. Fallow deer kills in the Arthur Tablelands and whitetail deer kills alongside Lake Wakatipu are but two examples where 1080 has been used knowing it will be consumed by deer.

- Recreational sea fishers from Auckland to Northland on the east coast have suffered the indignity of having their snapper quota reduced whilst commercial trawlers continue to harvest unchanged quotas, not a single recreational fishing reserve has been put in place and sea fishers continue to be frustrated by Blue Cod slot rules that ruin the fishing and fishery.

Once again we believe "Enough is enough". We have formed the Outdoors Party to rekindle the dream that our outdoor sports can and should be run and controlled by those who understand and care about it. Us. The anglers, hunters, canoers, trampers, duck shooters, bikers and every person who is tired of not being listened to and being beaten into submission whilst our rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and game animals are being sacrificed in the name of profit and native species fundamentalism.

We thank all those who have joined the party and commit to both seeking your views and input on developing our manifesto for the next General Election and keeping you informed on what we are doing. Contrary to all the other parties out there.

Tight lines, sharp shooting and here's to giving Parliament a bloody good run for the money.

David Haynes

Well that's all for now. Your support for the FishnHunt forum is much appreciated and we hope you continue to enjoy the forum.

Alan Simmons & the Forum management team