Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

November 2015

Firstly yipes here comes Xmas and the silly season .... fishing, hunting. boats, family and barbecues, holidays homes, tents and so on.... let us just hope the sun is there to go with it all. I am going to keep this newsletter short and simple as I will have another out before Xmas with an update on several draws that will be happening..

Donor Members Giveaway Draw
The lovely book the Land of birds has been won by Kris. This book donated by Potton Books is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure Kris will enjoy it. These are part of the Donor section draws which is a small reward for thier support.

For the Xmas draw we are going to give away the wonderful book "The Heart of Hunting" by member Greg Caigou ...you can see this book at The Heart of Hunting

I also have some more great books donated by forum members and will draw them prior to Xmas for all members.... I have two books New Zealand Hunting and Associated Books by Peter Hoar which is a compilation of all hunting books published in NZ...... I suspect this book is more for those who are avid book collectors so if you want one of these then email me and I will file all the emails in order received and get someone to pick a number and allocate the winners by their number.
I also have Chaz Forsyth's very extensive book on New Zealand Firearms - an exploration into firearm possession and misuse in New Zealand. This is a very technical book and if you are into firearms information, lobbying or trying to understand the use and misuse of firearms then this is the bible. Again I will allocate this book using the same method as above.... If you would like this book then email me... Make sure the title of the book is in the subject line so I don't get them mixed up...
Many thanks to Chaz and Peter for donating these books ....

7000 member reached.
On Monday 16th Nov we reached a new milestone of 7000 members. These are genuine vetted members unlike many other forums where memberships are huge but few are online... Spammers are a real problem and this is the reason we vet and validate every member wishing to join. Congratulations to Kiwidan for being number 7000 and I will send him a small gift for being the lucky one.! Mind you we could ask why he left it so long to join!

A flybox full of a selection of New Zealand's top flies...not a bad idea for a Xmas present for a fisherman.... Delivered with a Xmas Card... At the online Flyshack we have a huge stock of flies ready for next day delivery at prices not heard of before in NZ. These are high quality flies and not only do you get free delivery but you get rewards points to go towards your next order. As a Xmas promotion if you purchase before 20th December use the coupon code" xmas2015" and you will receive a big discount as well as still earn your rewards points. Flyshack Online

Forum Fishing Competition...
It sounds like it was again a roaring success and from I can see by the posts some are still nursing huge hangovers and some are still missing....
I just wish it was at a time when I could attend but every year the dates get set and I go "bugger".... It is fabulous that members get together on outings like this and I wish we could organise more such events in both Islands. You can read more about the annual forum fishing comp.

That's pretty much it for November. I promised to keep it short.......
Here's to some veni on the table and tight lines.


New Zealand Outdoors Party
It is really important anglers and hunters join the NZ Outdoors Party so that hunters and anglers have a focussed polictical voice working towards protecting our environment and sport.
Already the party has a fabulous sign up rate from people of all walks of life who are concerned about the new Zealand Outdoors that we all love.
join now.