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Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

Lots of news in this ROAR edition of our members newsletter....

Gosh the roar has come around again but for once I will not be out hunting having spent most of my life chasing stags I now am more interested in listening to them and watching the excitement of the new generation as they have their turn. No matter what the greens say deer have been a huge asset to New Zealand making many a man out of a young boy and creating such a healthy outdoors pursuit for everyone which also puts food on the table. Author Tony Orman talks about this in his article further on in this newsletter. Deer should be valued by our society but unfortunately they are seen as a pest. I started campaigning for deer as a young hunter in the late 1960's after a stint as a deer culler, back then the NZDA was fighting for some sort of management for deer but despite 50 years of advocacy by many thousands of individuals and in my case alone the attending of hundreds of meetings over the years nothing has happened to faintly give me hope. Deliberate poisoning of selected deer herds now seems to happening without it even being questioned by the NZDA as DOC ramp up their hatred of anything foreign in our bush, all the while led by a Minister who has spent her life promoting foreign plants in NZ gardens.

Duck shooting is not far away either and forum members are already checking gear and tidying up Maimais in anticipation of a good season. Let us not forget that many members also chase pheasant and quail but I suspect with new Health and Safety laws coming into being on 4th April access to land to hunt on is going to become harder and harder. No matter what the politicians say about it not affecting recreation, It does and while they sit in their posh offices in Wellington we get the knock backs. I am afraid New Zealand is now nothing like the New Zealand I knew as a young man.

As for the summer fishing's coming to an end. Bugger! For me summer was enough filleted and vacuum packed kahawai to keep me going all year and hundreds of trout released for another day and another angler. No snapper or kingfish which is a disappointment but then I have not had a chance to fish for them this year however I am doing a trip around Northland in a few weeks time following on from 'Legaseas Future Fishing Symposium' so some fishing afterwards might fix that! Here's hoping.
Enjoy the newsletter.


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The winner of our big book draw is: Jason Ford. Forum name 'freekyfordo' Well done and the draw was conducted by one of NZ's great outdoors authors Tony Orman. Please email me with delivery details....

A huge thanks to Te Papa Press for the prize. The book is also available from their website Te Papa Online Store The book is:
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You read more about the book on the forum Here

Stay safe this roar...As I write this newsletter another hunter has tragically lost his life in a hunting accident. All I can say is "Not Again!" I, like many people are at a loss for words or ideas as to why this is happening. I know everyone drills the message 'positivly identify your target' into us but it just seems to keep happening every year as regular as clockwork. I know there are more hunters out there these days and less land to hunt on but technology has improved dramatically. We are NOT shooting with open sights any longer and have powerful binoculars that see well into the bush in low light. Many hunters are wearing blaze orange or blue clothing and have all sorts of electronic devices. What confuses me is if we are out hunting in the roar then surly we are after stags so don't we need to see or assess the antlers before we shoot? If it's meat we are after then go before the roar or in spring. What do we have to do to stop this from happening? It may sort itself as everyone becomes too scared to go hunting!!

Legasa Future Fishing Symposium. Legasea which is New Zealand's recreational angling lobby group is holding a 'Future Fishing Symposium' north of Auckland on the 8th - 10th of April. At this symposium will be many of the countries top minds and speakers trying to find a way forward to a sustainable future for our fisheries. I do not include myself as one of the above (top minds) but I will be there representing the forum and the NZ Outdoors Party so I'm hoping some of it rubs off! Email me if you have some ideas worth exploring.

People who do not go into the bush during late summer have no idea how big the problem has become.... Since my press release I've heard nothing from DOC but I have heard from many hunters who are confronted with big numbers this year. I myself are waging a war on them in my area.
Last newsletter I floated the idea to have a forum WASP plan so instead of waiting for DOC lets get something under way where forum members actually begin their own poisoning plan. I suspect DOC will object but then most DOC staff are not in the bush and the only wasp they ever encounter is when one gets into thier office via the air conditioning.
Would someone like to step forward and coordinate this proactive approach. Email me. We have had some excellent past initiatives such as the Clements road rubbish clean up so lets make this a forum project from which everyone in NZ benefits. My press release on Wasps is here... wasp-menace-making-outdoors-hell

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    Carp Farm Proposal Stopped By Public Backlash.
    The recent Carp Farm "battle" was an excellent example of a community and democracy at work and while it was a local issue (Taupo) it could have been anywhere else in New Zealand where I am sure the outcome would have been the same. What it did show is that if the people do get together and protest they can win against all odds but it needs to include the wider community as it did in Taupo not just one interest group.
    Because of my involvement on the executive of the Federation of Freshwater Anglers I was aware of how this proposal was slipping though under the radar and that very few people in the Taupo district were aware of it. The federation was fighting it on it's own and getting nowhere. Using my position within the newly formed NZ Outdoors Party I put out a press release to the wider media which was generally ignored except by TV3 (One good reason why we should watch TV3) who decided to do an interview with me near where the farm was to be sited.
    That interview ended up as second item on the Saturday evening news which then prompted other radio media to take an interest in the issue. You can see that initial news item here on TV3 NewsHub
    From that point onwards the people of Taupo rallied, but no matter how much they protested they became increasingly frustrated at not being listened to. Facebook pages were set up, petitions organised and politicians contacted.
    Silver carp leap up to 3 meters in the air when disturbed by a boat In this case our appointed leaders and politicians were of no use and they all ran for cover. The Mayor of Taupo had written a letter of support for the proposal so he and his officials just vanished and refused to talk to their constituents about it. They were happy to put the $93 million dollar Per year trout fishery and the future of Taupo at jeopardy in return for 4 jobs. Our local MP Louise Upston supported the proposal and while many wrote to her early in the piece she finally replied at the end when she saw public opinion building "that she was watching with interest". She is so out of date over this issue that as of 1st April she wrote to the electorate "I am listening to the views of the community, for and against." She could loose her seat over this.
    The greens never responded, so much for their love of freshwater and Lake Taupo, Labour said this was a matter for the minister and left it at that. New Zealand First put out a press release condemning the proposal and moved on. United Future with its leader having a house in Taupo and presenting itself as a party looking after the interest of the outdoors were completely silent. .
    After a while some Councillors spoke up and said that the matter had never been bought before council and got in behind the protest. But even amongst their ranks were councillors who still saw it as an economic opportunity for Taupo. Fish and Game who represent the anglers ran for cover and not once responded to anyone's concerns while the Taupo Fishery staff who manage the areas fishing were hamstrung by their political master being the Minister! .
    Our Fledgling Political Party the NZ Outdoors Party continued to be engaged by way of numerous interviews and press articles trying to bring this issue to heel.
    The local newspaper was woefully out of touch and it took phone calls and emails to the editor to even get a small bit in the paper about it.... fortunately Taupo does have an independent weekend paper who took up the issue.
    The Minster of conservation Maggie Barry was deathly silent throughout the affair but as protest from the public grew louder and louder she eventually started to indicate that the permit already issued was subject to conditions. To me that was the beginning of the back down.
    Slowly but steadily momentum built until the Mayor could not ignore it any longer and eventually a public meeting was called. The large hall was overflowing with irate citizens and the mood angry, culminating in a unanimous resolution to condemn the farm and tell the political masters to rescind the permits already given.
    It was pretty obvious to the Mayor that he and his staff had made a big blunder. The Maori people were angry at not being consulted and no matter what, they were never going to let this happen.
    All the while not one person in Authority came out and and said we will stop it.
    Fortunately I was asked to be interviewed on National Radio by Radio Live and I agreed thinking we needed to up the anti and it occurred to me that the land was being leased from Contact Energy so in that interview I pointed out that Contact Energy was a company that spent millions convincing us what good environmental stewards they were and now they were allowing their land to be used for something that could destroy one of the finest lakes in the world. I said in the interview that the the people of Taupo should look to switching electricity suppliers. You can listen to this interview here at Radio Live
    Within a day the Spin doctors of Contact energy were in damage control and within two days they announced they would not complete the lease deal for the farm. That was the end of the proposal and Contact Energy should be congratulated for at least realising public opinion was against this proposal and doing something about it. None of the politicians did!
    This was a fine example of people power but it took hundreds of hours of time by so many individuals to knock over when all along the people we vote in to look after our interests should have stopped it before it even got started.
    All I can say is that with Local body elections due later this year the Carp Farm fight will still be in everyone's minds and with National elections in 2017 we need to remember how little our current crop of politicians cared and how indifferent they were. But then as night follows day they will be all-over us with more promises and reasons for us to vote for them at election time.
    They know we all seem to have very short memories, or do we!

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    Governments Need To Value Outdoor Recreation
    Kids in the outdoors from an early age Author of 26 hunting and fishing books Tony Orman of Marlborough has hit out at governments for their lack of respect for the outdoors and the environment.

    "We should be encouraging young New Zealanders into the outdoors. But sadly government priorities and policies don't give incentive but even spawn disincentives by way of exploitation policies," said Tony Orman, a former president of the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and former chairman of the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations.
    One impediment to access to the outdoors was increasing foreign ownership of New Zealand farms resulting in locked gates in contrast to formerly when most Kiwi farming families willingly granted access.
    Rivers that youngsters once swam and fished in, have had flows depleted by irrigation for corporate dairying. In turn, nitrates and other pollution have fouled water quality.
    "Alarmingly 61 percent of NZ's lowland rivers are rated unfit for swimming."
    Young New Zealanders are losing their connection with the outdoors while youth obesity, mental health and suicide rates are unacceptably high for a country of just 4.6 million people.
    Sadly today some youths often just in their early teens, were committing heinous crimes or indulged in senseless vandalism and irresponsible behaviour. Because of a mixture of boredom, bewilderment and a feeling of helplessness, youngsters were lashing out. Their confidence for the future was often uncertain and self-esteem frequently low.
    "Young people have energies to burn which if not channelled down the right path, have the potential to go awry," said Tony Orman. For youngsters the outdoors was an indispensable class-room. The sweet success of catching a trout or perhaps a kahawai, shooting a rabbit, climbing a mountain or canoeing a river were personal achievements which importantly built self-esteem in youngsters. "Besides tramping, fishing and hunting encourage observation, analytical reasoning and a respect for Nature".
    In New Zealand's egalitarian society, anyone can fish or hunt. It was a legacy the first European settlers instilled into the new colony in order to escape the feudal system of Britain where for example, the best trout fishing, deerstalking or pheasant shooting is the preserve of the wealthy minority.
    young hunter is learning to appreciate teh outdoors "In effect, in New Zealand the kid down the street may go trout fishing on equal terms and rights as the city's top solicitor, doctor, baker and the candlestick maker or even the Governor General or Prime Minister. Indeed at least two former Prime Ministers have been keen fishermen. The late Jack Marshall a National government PM, was a very keen trout fisherman. The much respected Labour government PM Norman Kirk was a pig hunter in his younger days and an ardent fisherman."
    Tony Orman said New Zealand could do with a few more practical keen fishing hunting persons - male and female - in Parliament. A Horizon survey of sporting participation rates in 2012 showed fishing had more than five times more people participating than rugby. Twenty-six percent enjoyed fishing while just five percent played rugby.
    When it came to "getting off the couch", 25.5 percent of adult men and 18 percent of women fished while with youth, about 35 percent went fishing
    Much needed was government recognition and protection of the value of outdoors and outdoor recreation to society.

    New Zealand Outdoors Party Love the NZ Outdoors - support the Outdoors Party.

    The NZ Outdoors Party is ramping up its membership and structure this year to be ready for the next general election. We need more members even if you support another party, it is important we have your support to advocate for the outdoors . We need more active people to do jobs and we need members who might like to stand as candidates in 2017. We also need someone as a spokesperson who is right up with firearms as we suspect this will become a big issue during the next election. Please consider joining and making contact.
    David Haynes - co leader