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Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

December 2016 Forum Newsletter....

A very big and Hearty MERRY XMAS. I want to thank everyone for their participation and spirited debate during the year! Keep safe during the Xmas break and enjoy our stunning beaches, mountains and wilderness places. Remember storms and weather related events can come up really quickly so always keep that in mind.
The Xmas holidays are also a great time for kids to enjoy our outdoors especially as it is summer. So make sure you encourage a child to enjoy hunting or fishing or camping. Take a kid for a walk in the bush and tell them about the trees and show them exciting things like big toadstools or eels, koura or even just explain the ways of the bush.

Forum Upgrade It is now 3 months since the major upgrade and all seems to be working fine albeit a bit slow and I am working on that at present. If anyone is still having problems then contact me..
Have a very happy Xmas.

Campfires on State Land
Some of you may have been following the pending prosecution of myself for doing no more than sitting beside a campfire. The prosecution bought by the Department of Conservation on evidence supplied by a forestry worker who "keeps an eye on doc land". While I can't comment too much as this is up for case review shortly, while investigating it I have found out some rather disturbing information with regards to Hunters/Anglers having campfires. Last year DoC advertised in a number of newspapers around the central North Island that all the "State" land in the Central and lower North Island is now a restricted fire season 365 days of the year. It is now an offence to set fire to any vegetation without a permit and if you sit by a fire then you are aiding and abetting. By law if you see someone with a campfire you must ask them for their permit and if they don't have one you must attempt to extinguish the fire. By doing nothing you are are just as guilty. If you come across someone boiling the billy, singeing a pig are even saving themselves from hypothermia then immediately put out the fire!!!!
The only good thing about this is that you are unlikely to be caught by any DoC officer as they don't spend any time in the hills these days although with the new DoC electric mountain bikes seen around Turangi they may "ride" in on some tracks. Beware of the silent electric bike! But generally if they can't drive they wont check you. However as in my case a member of the public could report you.
So what this means is that you need to get a fire permit from DoC before you go into the bush. Supply them with GPS marks as to where the campfires will be and so it goes on! Good Luck. Oh and by the way don't sit down and have a beer or a feed with anyone who has an unpermitted campfire or like me you will end up in court. What an earth are we coming to! I firmly believe the department of Conservation has lost touch with the common everyday New Zealander and is becoming very much removed from the aims and aspirations of New Zealanders to whom the conservation estate belongs...More to come after the court case.

NZ Outdoors Party
I hate harping on about something BUT the NZ Outdoors Party is pushing to get its 500 signed members so that it can register shortly. That way it will be eligible to receive some of the election funding dished out to registered parties and spend that on highlighting Outdoors issues. It is really important that all outdoors people join and show their support NOW. The party needs to be ready to jump on any issues such as a restrictive Firearms ownership changes that are being signalled for next year. By joining it doesn't mean you have to vote for them but your support will allow the issues to be aired and hopefully acknowledged or even picked up by other parties.
Join Online
Read the parties brochures
A downloadable PDF joining form Sign and freepost.
Outdoors Party Latest Newsletter

LNIRDF -David Haynes-
The Lower North Island Red Deer Foundation (LNIRDF) had a frustrating first day in Court on December 5 as the judge adjourned the case requesting that the WARO operators need to submit their views. A dedicated and hard working group of hunters, representing 2,000 hunters, LNIRDF have taken DoC to the High Court for a judicial review of DoC's unilateral decision to allow 365 day a year WARO in the Rimutaka, Tararua and Ruahine public conservation estate. Under the Conservation Act such decisions should be notified and due consultation enacted with all interested parties.
Forum owner and Co-Leader of the NZ Outdoors Party Alan Simmons arranged for this group to attend Parliament and meet with the Minister responsible which resulted in the withdrawal of the Ruahine WORO plan. A number of forum members are activly involved in this and they are to be commended for thier committment. Alan commented how professional they were and how impressed he was with the case they presented which resulted in some action being taken albeit not wide enough, hence the legal challange!
These areas have been recreational only hunting areas for 30 years with WARO limited to certain areas and times only.

Give your support to this group - find out how by going to LNIRDF? They also need donations to contuinue the legal fight.

Upper Oreti River
Despite our positive outlook it is becoming increasingly difficult to find some good news freshwater stories, particularly since the latest news on the Around the Mountain Cycle Trail in Southland came out. We had hardly drained our whisky glasses after celebrating the SECOND Environment Court decision which again refused a consent to Southland District Council to build a cycle track alongside and over the Upper Oreti River and WHAM! Southland District Council decide to seek a High Court review of the decision. It is still unclear why Southland District Council refuse to consider rerouting this part of the track down the Mararoa River (which runs parallel to the Upper Oreti a few kilometers to the west) given they have not produced any substantive evidence as to why. - David Haynes.

Love the NZ Outdoors - support the Outdoors Party.

From the Outdoors Party Newsletter and forum member David Haynes

Hauraki Gulf Spatial Plan Legasea, the outreach arm of the NZ Sport Fishing Council, have scored a massive win for the Hauraki Gulf. The recently completed three year Sea Change Spatial Plan for the Gulf has resulted in recreational, commercial, Iwi and local Councils agreeing to a future management plan for the area that encompasses:

- Transitioning commercial fishing methods that impact benthic habitat (including trawling, Danish seining and dredging) out of the Hauraki Gulf.
- Reviewing the management settings for priority fish stocks.
- 13 new areas prioritised for future aquaculture development, including mussels, oysters and fin fish.

Fifteen new marine protected areas, including no take (excluding cultural harvest on a case by case basis by special permit) areas nested within larger, special management areas with fisheries management objectives.
-Restoring historic habitats such as green lipped and horse mussel beds.

-Setting and achieving catchment sediment and nutrient load limits for all major catchments to minimise adverse impacts on water quality.
-Restoration and creation of major wetland systems to trap sediment before it reaches coastal waters.
-Land-based measures to ensure sediment stays on the land where possible to significantly reduce sediment reaching the coast.
-Stabilising sediment already in the marine environment.

Novel co-management areas covering the coastline of Tikapa Moana / Te Moananui a Toi to provide for joint mana whenua and community co management of local marine areas.


Connecting everyone including the next generation and different ethnicities to the marine environment to strengthen kaitiakitanga and guardianship.

A huge debt of thanks is owed by all seas fishers to the Legasea team, Scott Macindoe, Trish, Barry, Pieter and all the dedicated hard working members.

MPI Future of Our Fisheries Review
Again, thanks principally due to the long, hard slog by Legasea, MPI have finally acknowledged the following:

1. Recreational fishing is hugely important, culturally, economically and as an environmentally low impact activity.
2. Many commercial fishers have been under-reporting catches which distorts attempts to set sustainable harvest limits.
3. MPI are perceived as being far too cosy with the corporate commercial fishing sector.
4. Illegal discard (fish dumping) is a big problem which has not been addressed.

MPI have reacted by releasing their Future of Our Fisheries (FOOF) consultation document which sets out how they propose to address the above issues. This is very good news and is a good start. Public submissions are due by 23 December 2016 which does not leave much time, the meat and potatoes of the FOOF proposals are:
1. Acknowledgment that recreational fisheries are an important component of shared fisheries.
2. Implement electronic recording and monitoring (cameras) of fishing vessels to reduce and maybe even eliminate fish dumping and under-reporting of catches.
3. Broader and finer ecosystem level data to monitor fishery condition and biomass.
4. Promote innovative trawl technologies that increase survival rate of unwanted catch.

There is still a lot missing such as excluding trawling from the coastal fishery and recreational fishers having a greater say in how inshore fisheries are managed. A cynic might suggest this is more a way of improving the brand and image of NZ caught sea fish, rather than giving a damn for rec fishers but it is a platform to build on and MPI have quoted the Marine Research Foundation figures of:
-700,000 people fish in the sea each year.
-$946M annual spend on recreational fishing.
-$1.7 billion in economic activity from recreational fishing.

Let's keep on top of MPI and make sure our voice will be heard now and in the future.

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