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Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

Lots of news in this newsletter....Winners of book draws and and announcing a big draw for December

Firstly a very big and Hearty MERRY XMAS. I want to thank everyone for their participation and spirited debate during the year! Keep safe during the Xmas break and enjoy our stunning beaches, mountains and wilderness places. remember storms and weather related events can come up really quickly so always keep that in mind.

Clean up. We are going to clean up a few of the forums that are not performing..... there is no point in having them on the main page if no one is interested in them....
Have a very happy Xmas.

Donor Members Giveaway Draw
Winner. The Heart of Hunting I am pleased to announce the winner of the Donor Member book draw "The Heart of Hunting" is zimhunter. What a good book to win and I hope he enjoys it.... Please contact me with your address to post it.....
Why donor members? Your donation helps us defray some of the expense of running such a large forum and helps keep your posts from being subject to commercial pressures. You also get to post items for sale in the Bring buy and sell as well as load your images to the Image Hut.

All Members book prize draw.
NZ Firearms by Chaz Forsyth
This draw went to Krico. Again a good book to have especially if firearms is your big interest. Well done and again send me your address.

New Zealand Hunting and associated books. by Peter Hoar.
We had three of these to give away and:
1. Member zac. Wow 1 post and you win! Could you take a lotto ticket out for me!
2. Member stagsroar. yep it pays to bellow! Well deserved and a long time forum supporter and worker.
3. Member jess skepper. Even bigger WOW no posts!.. Maybe he will post what he thinks of this book!
Again congratulations to all those winners and thanks to all the entries. Maybe the next draw below will be the one. Again send me your details so I can post them out...

The big Xmas draw.
This book is big in many ways, value, size and weight. So the draw is open to all members BUT only shipped to a New Zealand address as the cost of overseas shipping would be prohibitive. It weighs in at 13 kgs packed for shipping and is in 4 separate volumes. As the book is very specialist you will have to submit an email to me to enter the draw. Each email will be filed in order received and I will get someone from Te Papa Press to pick a number.
A huge thanks to Te Papa Press for thie prize. The book is also available from thier website Te Papa Online Store The book is:
The Fishes of New Zealand
Edited by Clive D Roberts, Andrew L Stewart, and Carl D Struthers
The most comprehensive reference to the fishes of New Zealand ever published - definitive and completely illustrated. This encyclopaedic, four-volume reference set is the culmination of more than 20 years of international collaboration and research. The 2,008-page set describes for the first time ever all 1,262 known New Zealand fish species, across 245 families found in New Zealand waters, including more than 140 species new to the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone.
You read more about the book on the forum Here
This draw will close at the end of December so email me with your entry.

Talking about reading, a new NZ Online Mens Magazine is up and running. Since we all only read Penthouse for the articles this magazine will be a refreshing addition to your time online. Lots of articles especially New Zealand and the outdoors and it is a dam fine job. Constantly refreshed with new articles daily. Bookmark it. Mens Magazine

I put out a press release last week regarding one of our biggest pests Wasps. Many people who do not go into the bush during late summer understand how big the problem has become.... Since my press release I've heard nothing from DOC so I suspect we will go another season under attack without any plan to control them. Maybe us hunters and fisherman have to sort the problem out ourselves with our own plan. Lets have a forum WASP plan....
My press release on Wasps is here... wasp-menace-making-outdoors-hell

A cartoon from Benny Bennets as I'm sure it fits many members on here!

To end here are some suggestions for Xmas presents for outdoors people.....

Fishing flies ...and fly boxes. Get a fly box full of flies sent to someone special with a Xmas card...Fishing Flies Online

What about some great books from Pottons who have supplied our book draws this year. Some suggestions below..

High Country Stations of the MacKenzie Country
Long-time resident of the Mackenzie Country, Mary Hobbs, tells the story of 11 stations. In unravelling the history of these stations, Mary has talked to all of the current station-owners to document their contemporary stories, while also uncovering many lost historical tales. The book is well illustrated with images old and new as well.

New Zealand's Working Dogs
A celebration of working dogs of New Zealand from the sheep stations of the South Island to the urban centres of Auckland and Wellington.
This book documents the significant roles that these creatures play in our lives, including police, airport security and customs, DOC, blind, mobility and search and rescue teams.

Nathan Fa'avae
Just recently back from defending his Adventure Racing World Championship title (the 4th), Nathan Fa'avae is considered by many to be the best in the history of the sport.
In this highly inspirational book Nathan shares his life story, provides a unique insight into this remarkable pursuit, explains how he could very easily have come out on the wrong side of the tracks and how he competes in one of the most difficult sports in the world, all while managing a heart condition which has threatened to stop his sporting endeavours many times.

Tramping in New Zealand
40 most popular tramps in New Zealand are featured here, each illustrated with at least one bird's eye map, and supported by relevant route information and colour photographs. Start planning next year's holiday with this year's present with essential route information, commentary and photographs!

The Heading Dog Who Split in Half
A graphic novel that takes us on a journey through the old, weird New Zealand of tall tale and legend. A book that will appeal to graphic novel fans young and old, aficionados of Kiwi cultural history and those who just love a good yarn.

In the Bush
A gorgeous book for the younger members of the family. The children will be will be fascinated to learn more about familiar creatures as well as discover intriguing plants and animals and see how they relate to each other in the forest ecosystem It includes insects and other invertebrates, fungi, ferns and mosses, birds, bats, introduced pests, vines, epiphytes, and trees.

Whose Beak is That?
And while they are checking out the insects and fauna they can learn about the birds with this gorgeous book. It lets children guess the identity of iconic New Zealand birds from the pictures of their beaks, while finding out some facts about the them along the way.

Fighters & Bombers
A treasure for anyone who is interested in war or aviation history. This book is full of air-to-air photographs of some of the rarest WWII fighters and bombers. Some of the aircraft are the only ones of their type flying in the world, such as the Lockheed Hudson, the only military configured Mk 1 Avo Anson, and one of only two air-worthy De Havilland Mosquitos. Two of the earliest jet fighters - the Me262 and the Gloster Meteor - are also included.

Now who doesn't enjoy a lovey cold beer on a hot day. Not just a guide of where to go but what to look out for, how to buy, store, serve beer.
Brewed has Information on the commercially operating breweries in New Zealand, tasting notes for beers that are available year-round, a beer style guide specifically for New Zealand, guides to the best beer destinations throughout New Zealand, information on matching beer and food, beer festivals in New Zealand, how beer is brewed and so much more.

And of course many of you will already know about this book but just as a reminder, everything you need to know about Kahawai. Its history, information on biology and behaviour, fishing stories, vital tips on how best to catch them, details on how to prepare them for eating and smoking them and 30+ recipes.

The Complete Home Baking Collection
Most of us grew up with Alison Holst, one of our first TV celebrity chefs. And decades later her recipes (and now her son Simon's ) are still firm favourites in most kitchen in the country. Simon and Alison has compiled, from an amazing library of baking recipes, their favourite cakes, biscuits, slices, muffins and bread recipes, including gluten free. Unleash your inner baker with over 250 tried and true baking recipes at your fingertips!

The Coastal Garden
Not just for the enthusiastic gardener and professional landscape designer but also for all of those interested in the protection of our threatened coast. The Coastal Garden is for anyone wanting to encompass design-orientated and
practical approaches to native coastal gardening and restoration, using both plant and site knowledge to stimulate design and planting ideas. The book also covers a wide range of coastal environment types

New Zealand Backcountry Cooking
A comprehensive outdoors cooking guide that covers all subjects from basics to gourmet, with everything in between. Using simple cooking techniques, mostly under camp conditions. With over 70 recipes that include preparation advice, packaging suggestions and cooking instructions it will appeal to hunters, fishers, kayakers, mountain bikers, boaties, day walkers - anyone who wants easy, nutritional options when they are out in the great outdoors.

New Zealand Outdoors Party Love the NZ Outdoors - support the Outdoors Party.

Advertisement Fishing Flies Online
With Summer fishing now here you may want to stock up on flies. Alan's flyshack first started selling flies online in 1996. With new tiers and systems in place the Flyshack is able to offer amazing prices delivered for free within NZ. At the same time customers receive rewards points towards their next order. Prices are also very sharp like $1.49 for some patterns.
One of the big features of the Flyshack is the gift fly boxes full of flies and gift cards such as birthday or Xmas cards sent with the flies. You can select the amount of flies in a box and the card including your name. Alan's Flyshack