Hi To All FishnHunt Forum Members,

It seems a long time between newsletters however I will make a determined effort to get newsletters out on a regular basis.

Donor Members Giveaway Draw
At the end of each month we are going to have a draw for a book which one donor member will win. These books will be the latest releases and I have seen the publication list and they looked so good I thought I might win them all myself!. If you are a donor member you will see a new thread in the Donor Section announcing the book to be won and who eventually wins it. I will get the publisher to pick two letters and a number and the user name that begins with the two letters and then the number down in that list will get the book. If the number is more than the number of usernames I will revert to the first letter. IE: the number picked is br3, that means "brag", Bragger, bragging" will get the prize. (all hypothetical of course) Can you follow that!

This months book which was sent to us by Craig Potton Publishing is "New Zealand's Wilderness Heritage". More on the book in the Review section of the forum. A big thanks to them for this giveaway.

Why donor members? Your donation helps us defray some of the expense of running such a large forum and helps keep your posts from being subject to commercial pressures. You also get to post items for sale in the Bring buy and sell as well as load your images to the Image Hut.

Hunting and Fishing Reports
These areas of the forum are very popular and read hugely.
The hunting reports section has 5858 actual stories with 129,640 posts.
The fishing reports section has 754 actual stories and 9958 posts.
I would be keen to get more emphasis on these sections so we will see if we can organise a prize each few months for the best posts.

New Forums
We are trialing some new forums which we hope will give our younger members a chance to have a forum of their own. The same applies to Female hunters who are a growing group and we would like to encourage more of.
The Young Hunters forum. Only under 16 years can post in this forum.
The Young Anglers forum. The same applies Only under 16 years can post in this forum.
The Female Hunters forum. Only Female members can post in this forum.

Titbits and Gossip
- Moderator Swodem is now writing for Rod & rifle as Bow Hunting editor.
- We moved on a few members who were constantly at war with others and the forum seems to be a quieter place without them.
- Fordy has found out that you can make more money working in the Auckland housing boom than by sitting on your bum working on a computer.
- As many of you know at the last election I campaigned for recreational fishing reserves.... Whispers have it that a paper is before cabinet"
- Headcase's wife doesn't believe that he needs 17 rifles to shoot rabbits. She doesn't understand its like playing golf. Another bit of gossip about Headcase is that he has now got quite "Green" as when he sees a deer while out hunting he say's to himself "imagine all that cleaning and carrying out" and then waves it goodbye. No wonder Doc wont have anything to do with him.
- Swodem spent a week in Oz and shot 3 pigs and 3 Chital deer with his Mathews bow.... Skite!
- I am wondering if we should thank our team of moderators who behind the scenes are busy keeping all out war from breaking out in some threads! But I know they are too modest to want a thank you so a bit of venison wouldn't go amiss and don't forget me!
- Fordy shot a wild bull in the Taranaki back country. He shit his pants but that is another story! He also bought home the two back legs which made his car squat dragging its bum down the road and gave them to the local butcher near where he lives in Auckland to process. When he picked it up, he who hates corned beef with a passion found that the butcher had done the lot in corned beef! In the end his friends avoided him as they thought he was trying to give them more corned beef...Question...how much old bull corned beef can you give away before you begin to loose friends! I'm thinking of reserving the user name of "corned beef" just for Fordy.

Sika Show. Taupo. September 26th and 27th.
Don't forget to pencil in the Sika show at the Taupo Events Center. This is the one hunting and outdoors show you do not want to miss. The Sika Show has become an important part of the hunters Calendar and Mark Bridgman seems to work miracles getting it together year after year. Plan to spend plenty of time there, there are a lot of exhibitors booths to visit and it all becomes one big talk fest as you seem to run into everyone you know or haven't see for years. Link here

The forum needs commercial advertising to survive so if you know someone or are in a position to advertise then take a look at our advertising page Also please note that forum supporter adds now get a banner as well that displays in the actual thread.
What about telling our 7000 (real) members and the thousands of individual guests who visit every day what you might be selling or showing at the Sika Show? What about new products for spring hunting or the opening of the fishing season?

I have left the DoC forum up so you can have a dig at them or bring to their attention things you see. I know they look at the forum but will not engage as they do not seem to like feedback from hunters and fisherman. Maybe if we were 'Forest and Bird' they would be all over us. On that note the stoush over the changes to WARO (wild animal recovery operations) showed that pressure does work but true to form DoC told us one thing and then instituted new rules and the whole thing has become a farce. Even the minister was not kept in the loop by them and was quite angry with what they had done. Shortly they are going to start consultation on a WARO review for the whole country and as usual the Guides, game processors and the chopper operators will have the greatest input! I suspect they hope by the time they undertake and complete the review and add on three years before it will come into effect the deer numbers will be reduced to zero! Link here

Forum Upgrade
I have been working on a new upgrade of the forum software which will allow a few new features. It is proving to be more complicated that I first thought mostly because the forum is so big. I will give notice on the forum when I finally make it all work and shut down late one evening.

Advertising. You will have noticed some adds running on the forum for Haircell. This is a product I have been working on for about 7 years and it is now on the market. It has been well researched and tested and is a whole new way of looking after your hair and scalp. For forum members who sign up to the haircell shopping site I will send a sachet for free. Sign up by creating an account and then purchase a haircell by going through the shopping basket and at the end type in the coupon code 'fnhhaircell' and you will receive a discount, also apply the signup gift certificate of $5.00 and you should receive your Haircell to trial for free including postage. The only proviso is that I might not be able to fill the orders if the whole 7000 members apply.... so we will face that bridge when we come to it!.

Cecil the Lion
It was great to see how forum members took a responsible attitude and stood back while the debate over Cecil the Lion raged. Media were hovering all over the forum waiting to pounce on any red necked comments. Fortunately the Fishnhunt forum proved to be a disappointment for them. So well done everyone. Members should always be aware that the media are always watching the forum looking for stories so my rule is to always apply the "front page" test and think if this ends up on the front page would I be concerned.

Press release from Tony Orman.
Hunting and Fishing Bods on Increase
More Kiwis are going recreational fishing and hunting while less are playing rugby and cricket according to a survey conducted 2013-14 by Sport New Zealand.
Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations (CORANZ) chairman Andi Cockcroft of Hutt Valley said undoubtedly the outdoors was a major "playing field" for most New Zealanders.
"Ironically government doesn't do much to encourage outdoor sports in contrast to pouring money into glamour sports like rugby and America's Cup," he said. "Issues like 1080 poison, foreign ownership, WARO helicopters and the like are anti-hunting and fishing." Leisure and outdoor sporting activities ranked very highly in the survey. Fishing rated as the 5th most popular activity and with participation numbers rising. Hunting, canoeing and tramping rose too whereas "glamour" sports such as golf, tennis, football, cricket and basketball showed declines.
New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA) president David Haynes said the survey showed the importance of recreational fishing and that the importance had to be carefully weighed up in decisions involving water allocation as well as underlining the urgent need to clean up the unsatisfactory state of some rivers. Over 60 percent of rivers are rated as "unfit for swimming." And there's more women entering the outdoors, especially with fishing. Fishing rated as the second most popular activity with men and 9th with women.
Andi Cockcroft said governments had to show much more respect for the outdoors and environment in view of the increasing number of Kiwis heading into the outdoors.
"Governments are duty bound to do so."
Tourism-wise outdoor recreation attracted both tourists from overseas and Kiwis holidaying within New Zealand. Hunting and fishing biassed tourism generated economic activity in regions rather than urban cities.
Of significance was that in New Zealand wealth had little to do with access although a minority of New Zealanders with money did by dint of income, have access to pheasant preserves and trophy hunting estates. For example fishing ranked consistently about 5th for all income groupings.
NZFFA's president David Haynes said this reflected the public ownership of fish and game resources and the egalitarian status of New Zealand's fishing in contrast to the class system of the UK and Europe where the best salmon and trout rivers were only able to be accessed by the wealthy "upper class."
CORANZ's Andi Cockcroft agreed but added any erosive threats to that public ownership of the outdoors had to be challenged.

Well that's all for now. Your support for the FishnHunt forum is much appreciated and we hope you continue to enjoy the forum.

Alan Simmons & the Forum management team