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Normal Topic Does my firearm fit correctly? - Part seven (Read 952 times)
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Does my firearm fit correctly? - Part seven
Nov 12th, 2018 at 9:44am
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Having obtained some good data and physical/ visible indications of what is likely to be a good fit it is time to start on the rifle of your choice.

I will stress at this point The goal is to fit the rifle to the firer never the other way around! I cannot stress just how important this is. If you do not assimilate this fact and or you fail to stick to it, you are wasting your time.

When a rifle fits a firer properly and completely, no conscious effort of any kind is required to:-
-      Consistently mount the rifle in exactly the same place and alignment each and every time,
-      Gain and maintain the correct sight picture almost instantly and without any effort or adjustment of the rifles contact points placement and hold,
-      Ensure absolutely consistent hold in the X and Y axes without cant or bracing (bracing leads to a number of trigger operation faults and ultimately very poor groups),
-      Deliver exactly the same physical behaviour of rifle and firer throughout the firing and recoil sequence time after time,

To demonstrate how well this can work:-
-      It is possible to obtain the correct sight picture and then go to sleep, then awaken to find you still have the correct sight picture. Granted, this does take a bit of time and practise.
-      Once the correct sight picture is gained one cane close both eyes relax and breathe through a number of cycles and then, keeping the eyes closed and remaining relaxed fire a group that will be on target and more than acceptable in size. This applies at any range under any conditions.
-      Once you do this a few time confidence will increase and so shortly thereafter will your performance. The other major benefits are reduced perceived recoil and eliminating the chance of developing a flinch.

The first area of contact we will look at is the shoulder pocket/ butt plate and length of pull. Generally, the shoulder pocket (intersection of Deltoid and Pectoral muscles) slopes down and away from the body centreline (numerically down on the X axis). It also tends to slope rearward (numerically down on the Y axis) as it drops. Both these facts act against the rifle being held perfectly vertically when correctly mounted to aim. The intention here is to align the butt plate in such a way that when the rifle is perfectly vertical in the aim, the butt plate is at the perfect angle to sit in the shoulder pocket and the master hand naturally falls perfectly centred on the grip.

This is where a 4 way adjustable butt plate comes into its own. (We are developing a 6 way butt plate which will be even better) You can quickly and easily make adjustments without tools and use the indices to record progress/results for future reference.  Take your time and do this in small increments. If you are mechanically trimming or packing the stock just be patient and realise the witchcraft component of the task will seem to prevail at this point. Be methodical and you will arrive at a point where the butt plate fits like dream, feels completely stable and slip-free and there is little, if any, cant detectable while your hand naturally falls directly to centre on the grip.

Next, we will go through the correct grip shape size and alignment.

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Re: Does my firearm fit correctly? - Part seven
Reply #1 - Nov 22nd, 2018 at 12:48am
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Thanks for posting. Ive been reading with interest.

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