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Normal Topic Does my firearm fit correctly - part six (Read 770 times)
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Does my firearm fit correctly - part six
Oct 14th, 2018 at 6:12am
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Having got to grips with what you need to achieve it is time to practise. Before I go further I forgot to mention the adjustable comb we have used extensively. The Kalix Teknik CRI is adaptable to most rifles and provides a 100% reliable, indexed 3-way adjustment. Graco also offers a very useful product but not quite as good in my opinion. Both require some fairly technical stock work to fit and are utterly irreversible.  If you are pursuing a perfect fit this is hard to go past, however.

There are a number of adjustable comb kits which are strapped on and these work well being no permanent and transferable. They are very good for the initial trial and error stage when building your own stocks as well. You can make a series of adjustments test each position and quickly identify what works so you get the contour and dimensions just right. You could also consider a hand stop as these go a long way to locking down your hold and cutting out unintended position or movement errors.

The rifle we are developing at this time has a six-way adjustable comb and six-way adjustable butt plate. Once we get this to where we like it they will both be available as retrofit kits.

I recommend you have a complete run through using a cheap disposable rifle purchased expressly for this task. It is time to call some in to act as your observer and note taker. You will need some chalk (Taylors), dressmakers measuring tape, notebook, Camera and enough suitable tools to make adjustments to the stock at this stage. You might find it useful to obtains some Sorbathane sheets in 2mm and 4mm thickness at 40 or 50 durometer rating and something around 6mm in 60 or 80 durometer. You can get this as adhesive strips 100 x 150mm which are great, reusable and work extremely well to allow moulding and impact absorption.

To get started, have you mate measure from the inside of your bent arm (approximate the bend you would have when holding a rifle the way you will be with the one you intend to have fitted) to the centre of a 25 or thereabouts dowel held in your closed hand ( to approximate and pistol grip) and write this number down. Purists will recoil at this and ask what the F##k is this. Bear with me. Measure from the centre of the same dowel, while clasped as before, to the centre of the pad of your trigger finger. Write this down.  Note: when placing the tape into the bent elbow do so with the thump as it would be on the rifle insert the tape into the elbow but do not force it. It should be firmly against the skin but not to the point of distorting it. Use chalk to mark each point so you can consistently return to each point for each measurement you make.

Without moving the arm, take the same measurements from the fold on the shoulder between the Pectoral and Deltoid muscles where the butt would normally rest in the chosen firing position. Write these down.

If you have a particularly comfortable rifle that you think you shoot very well in the chosen firing position now is the time to put it to work. Get into the position you wish to use the rifle to be fitted in. Measure from the same points on the elbow and shoulder to the pistol grip and centre of the trigger shoe. Write these down

Measure from these same points to the centre of the cheek to comb contact area, the corner of the eye and to the centre of the ocular lens on the sight. Again, write these down.  Keep the rifle and mounted give a commentary about each point of contact between body part and rifle. Identify what feels right and why. Explain any less than comfortable contacts in detail. Keep good notes on all points made.

Measure the distance from the inner end of the opposite Clavicle (collarbone) to the centre line of the rifle at the centre of the cheek weld to the stock for each one and rate the comfort rating (based on ease of sight picture maintenance) for each one and write these down along with any relevant observations.

If you have a range of firearms try each one in order and take measurements from each one for each comfortable dimension. Also, record comments about what is comfortable and what is not. If you do not have access to a range of rifles you can achieve this at you local firearms store. Make sure you clear it with the staff before you start.

Now you have a good database of information to help identify what will make a well fitted and very functional stock configuration for you.


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Re: Does my firearm fit correctly - part six
Reply #1 - Oct 18th, 2018 at 7:53am
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Very informative thank you for that
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