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Forum Happenings, Events and News Forum Happenings, Events and News
Forum hunts, get together's and any other event or news that forum members need to be aware of.

Last Post Feb 28th, 2014 at 11:47am
In: Re: New Policy Regarding...
By: Fordy
7 242

  Hunting Last Post Topics Posts
Hunting Hunting
All about big game hunting in New Zealand including all deer, tahr, chamois, goats, wild pigs and wild sheep.
Moderator: headcase
Last Post Today at 10:42am
In: Re: Where to stay at Wood...
By: dogmatix
8497 167477
Game Bird Hunting Game Bird Hunting
Tips, discussion and advice on duck shooting / game bird hunting and hunting with a shotgun in general.
Moderator: Paul Stenning
Last Post Today at 7:28am
In: Re: Why the early finish?...
By: Snuffit
4784 89263
Small Game Hunting Small Game Hunting
For those interested in small game hunting such as rabbits, hares, possums, magpies and the like.
Moderator: Kickstart
Last Post Today at 10:00am
In: Re: Possuming advice
By: sikaduk
1190 20566
Big Game Hunting Worldwide Big Game Hunting Worldwide
A forum to discuss and inform members about big game hunting throughout the world.

Last Post Yesterday at 7:16pm
In: Re: Some roe deer of my l...
By: Florian
593 8507
Bow Hunting Bow Hunting
For discussions about bow hunting and where to hunt with a bow, seasons and regulations etc.
Moderator: Swodem
Last Post Yesterday at 3:41pm
In: Re: How to make an archer...
By: MikeB
1625 20266
Pig Hunting Pig Hunting
A board for pig hunters to discuss all the adventures and issues of pig hunting. Use of dogs, radio tracking collars, areas to hunt etc.
Moderator: SouthernConversion
Last Post Today at 9:04am
In: Re: me vs pig
By: Deathwind
397 5213
Anyone For A Hunt Anyone For A Hunt
This forum is for those planning hunts who might be looking for someone to team up with to share costs, make up numbers or generally share experiences.

Last Post Yesterday at 11:56pm
In: Re: Queensland Hunting
By: Dicko
356 4839
Hunting Reports and Stories Hunting Reports and Stories
A forum for all hunting reports, stories and essays.
Moderator: TJ
Last Post Today at 10:50am
In: Re: Crazy Deer
By: chris
5515 123464
FishnHunt Roar Competition 2013 FishnHunt Roar Competition 2013
This is for entries to the Fishnhunt Roar competition for the best wild stag story and image taken during the roar 2013
Moderators: Fordy, Alan
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Jan 31st, 2014 at 9:13pm
In: Re: The Shepherd
By: royal twelve
23 426
FishnHunt Roar Competition 2014 FishnHunt Roar Competition 2014
This is for entries to the Fishnhunt Roar competition for the best wild stag story and image taken during the roar 2014
Moderators: Fordy, Alan
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff
Last Post Aug 7th, 2014 at 12:11pm
In: Re: My only chance for a...
22 248

  Fishing Last Post Topics Posts
Freshwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing
For discussions on all matters of freshwater fishing for trout and salmon and to find someone to go fishing with!
Moderator: Chris Dore
Last Post Today at 10:37am
In: Re: Airflo rods
By: Andrew46826
2133 28988
Saltwater Fishing Saltwater Fishing
Anything to do with fishing and diving in the Saltwater - From charter boat fishing to fishing off the rocks and from marlin to spotties..
Moderator: chris
Last Post Aug 26th, 2014 at 8:00pm
In: Re: tuna about
By: hunter-gatherer
1082 12638
Boating Boating
A forum to discuss boats, safety, motors or anything else that will be useful
Moderator: Aunty
Last Post Yesterday at 8:10pm
In: Stolen GPS/ fish finder
498 4671
Fishing Reports Fishing Reports
Share your fishing reports, stories and essays here.
Moderator: chris
Last Post Aug 26th, 2014 at 8:07pm
In: Re: hauraki gulf reports
By: luvinit
723 9280
Flytying and Fly Patterns Flytying and Fly Patterns
A great discussion board for anything to do with fishing flies, including fly patterns. When posting fly patterns please use the fly pattern name in the topic header.
Moderator: Sika Stag
Last Post Yesterday at 7:10pm
In: Re: Utilising a fallen ha...
By: Nomads
194 2276
NZ Federation Freshwater Angling Clubs NZ Federation Freshwater Angling Clubs
A forum for the NZ Federation of Freshwater Angling Clubs to seek anglers views on issues impacting on freshwater fisherman.
Moderator: Kiwiken
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff
Last Post Aug 20th, 2014 at 3:03pm
In: Re: Well Done David Hayne...
By: Silvio
23 170

  Firearms Last Post Topics Posts
Firearms Firearms
Discussions about firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories of all kinds, including rings, mounts, bipods, slings, rifle ranges, etc.
Moderator: Kickstart
Last Post Today at 10:41am
In: Re: Importing scopes
By: alanimal
6398 96293
Reloading Reloading
For all reloading information and discussions.

Last Post Today at 10:17am
In: Re: 123gr A-max Variation...
3935 46424
Long Range Shooting Long Range Shooting
A forum for all those interested in long range shooting and performance.
Moderator: Duck Gunner
Last Post Today at 9:50am
In: Re: shooting technique ti...
By: Battson
660 12816
Target and Claybird Shooting Target and Claybird Shooting
Discuss target and claybird shooting in this forum.
Moderator: Fordy
Last Post Aug 22nd, 2014 at 9:42am
In: Re: Sporting Clays for th...
By: madcamm
110 673

  Gear, Equipment or Jobs Last Post Topics Posts
Gear, Jobs and Book Reviews Gear, Jobs and Book Reviews
Gear, Jobs and book reviews that are of interest to members.
This is a paid for advertising area that those looking for outdoor staff, writers of books/magazines etc or importers and manufacturers can use to let our members know about their product. If a review is wanted members will be selected for reviews / testing and their comments published here.
Please contact a forum guide for inclusion.
Moderators: Swodem, Alan
Last Post May 12th, 2014 at 10:59pm
In: Hunting / fishing shop st...
By: Alan
19 50
Gear & Equipment Gear & Equipment
A forum to discuss various products such as tents, packs, knives, clothing, footwear, etc, to help members make better decisions based on user experiences. Blatent advertising will be deleted!

Last Post Today at 8:34am
In: Re: Importing Garmin GPS
By: Kaweka_Neil
3205 42240
Optics Optics
This forum is for discussions, reports and the use of all hunting optics, including rifle scopes, spotting scopes, range finders, binoculars, etc. Advertising is strictly prohibited and will be deleted

Last Post Today at 10:47am
In: Flying out of the US with...
By: Joe90
1206 12497
Bring, Buy, Swap or Sell Bring, Buy, Swap or Sell
The Fishnhunt bring, buy or swap site is for DONOR members to exchange surplus gear. No links to other sale / auction sites are allowed and will be deleted immediately. Only DONOR members can start a sale but anyone can reply etc.

If you wish to sell commercial goods or what is obviously new "surplus"...meaning I bought 6 and only want one then use the 4sale site which is a fully featured site and FREE to set up a sale or wanted ad. We hope members with commercial goods will support the 4sale site and help fund the forum.
To become a donor member go to donate page
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Today at 8:36am
In: Re: Marlin 795 S/S
By: farmboy84
227 1286

  Dogs Last Post Topics Posts
Hunting Dogs Hunting Dogs
A board to discuss the types and use of hunting and game bird dogs.
Moderator: PORKCHOP
Last Post Yesterday at 9:10pm
In: Re: Dog Coats
By: possumer
1056 21557
Training of dogs Training of dogs
Tips and tricks or just good old advice about training dogs.
Moderator: PORKCHOP
Last Post Aug 26th, 2014 at 9:39am
In: Re: Puppy Recall
By: Paul Michels
779 14465
Dogs For Sale and Wanted to Buy Dogs For Sale and Wanted to Buy
Buy or Sell Dogs, Puppies for Sale, Litters expected and so on. Only established contributing members may advertise puppies & dogs for sale.
Moderator: PORKCHOP
Last Post Yesterday at 4:07pm
In: free to a good home full...
By: rambo-6mmRem
124 987
Lost and Found Dogs Lost and Found Dogs
This forum is for people to advertise lost or found dogs. Hunting dogs often get lost or separated and are found by other hunters. Also use this to advertise all lost and found dogs no matter where they are, in the bush, country or city. Be great if it helps owners and dogs to get reunited.
Moderator: PORKCHOP
Last Post Aug 6th, 2014 at 5:23pm
In: Re: Dog Found Central Whi...
By: DukShooter
61 419

  Outdoors Last Post Topics Posts
Photography and Videos Photography and Videos
Discuss photography and videos, including camera equipment and game cameras, and show images of the great outdoors. Animals, fish and scenery all welcome.
Moderator: whereami
Last Post Yesterday at 6:01pm
In: Re: How to post photos &...
By: el_trout_spooker
1676 22212
The Outdoors The Outdoors
For discussions about National Parks, 4x4 vehicles, access, etc.
Moderator: Weathered
Last Post Yesterday at 9:49pm
In: Re: fitting landcriuser p...
By: Jeremy
692 7748
Outdoor Yarns Outdoor Yarns
Share your interesting yarns of the outdoors with other members.
Moderator: Alan
Last Post Aug 24th, 2014 at 11:47am
In: Re: Bad smell in the Hut
By: 160jsss
68 1102
Huts, Bivies & Shelters Huts, Bivies & Shelters
This forum is for all things hut, bivouacs & shelter related, including photos & discussions on New Zealand's back country huts and shelters.
Moderator: StagsRoar
Last Post Yesterday at 3:49pm
In: Re: Ruahine’s – Rangiwahi...
By: Tararua Hunter
249 3767
Taxidermy Taxidermy
About taxidermy, taxidermists, mounts or materials. Discussions on methods and anything else in the world of taxidermy. (no advertising!)
Moderator: chris
Last Post Aug 26th, 2014 at 11:31pm
In: Fleshing out a skin
By: Clayman
156 1847
This board is for recording memories of departed outdoors people. Friends, family or just people we knew who made a contribution to our chosen sports of hunting and fishing.
Moderator: Alan
Last Post Jul 18th, 2014 at 8:36pm
In: Re: Sha
By: mallardbuster
142 1376
DoC Information Site DoC Information Site
This forum WAS for the Department of Conservation to post information and papers they want hunters and anglers to be aware of. Also hunting information, availability of consultation papers, and items they need feedback on. Please use this forum constructively.
Well DoC haven't been here for years so this forum is now a dumping ground for 1080 drops and anyone wanting to express an opinion about DoC..
Moderator: headcase
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Today at 9:13am
In: Re: Haurangi 1080 drop
By: Tararua Hunter
70 2007

  Politics of Hunting and Fishing Last Post Topics Posts
Politics of Hunting and Fishing Politics of Hunting and Fishing
This board is to help focus debate on the issues that confront hunters and fishermen and to generate action or clarify issues.

Last Post Today at 8:52am
In: Re: Can I shoot on my own...
By: Kaweka_Neil
402 21864
Press Releases. Press Releases.
Press Releases which are important to hunters, anglers and all outdoors people. If your organisation has a press release we should know about then contact a forum moderator/staff member to get it put up..
Moderator: Alan
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Yesterday at 7:13pm
In: Re: Video by Alan Simmons...
31 269

  Resources Library Last Post Topics Posts
The Man Cave The Man Cave
For sharing D.I.Y. build projects such as knife making, rifle builds, smokers, home made chillers, fire pits, BBQs, strange ideas and the expense of huge amounts of money.

Last Post Today at 7:57am
In: Re: Anybody else spring-c...
By: tube
128 2214
How To Resources How To Resources
All sorts of hunting and fishing resources such as how to headskin or information on the Douglas Score system

Last Post Aug 25th, 2014 at 9:58pm
In: Re: stoat trapping notes....
By: smudge
139 2115
Information Resources Information Resources
Useful resource material other than "how to" subjects such as targets to print, ballistic charts, free site maps, online manuals, useful links, etc can be found here.
Moderator: cbfb
Last Post Aug 13th, 2014 at 8:16pm
In: Re: Walking access map
By: Pengy
92 1257
Recipes and Wild Food Preparation Recipes and Wild Food Preparation
Add your favourite wild foods recipe here, including butchery, smoking, camp ovens, preparation and recipes for seafood, wild meats, gamebirds, etc. In fact anything to do with food!

Last Post Aug 26th, 2014 at 6:12pm
In: Re: Pig scolding?
By: zamkiwi
393 3687

  Hunting & Fishing Magazines Last Post Topics Posts
Rod and Rifle Magazine Rod and Rifle Magazine
Use this forum to interact with the editor of Rod and Rifle Magazine about various articles, what you would like to see or if you would like to discuss anything with the Editor.
Rod and Rifle Magazine is one of New Zealands popular outdoors magazines and has been published bi-monthly since 1980.
Moderator: Simon Gibson
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Today at 8:44am
In: Re: The winds of change a...
By: Tommo mk2
33 385
Big Game Hunting New Zealand - Interactive Magazine Big Game Hunting New Zealand - Interactive Magazine
A New Zealand Interactive Magazine for Big Game hunting,
Moderator: SouthernConversion
Moderator Groups: Online Forum Guide, Staff, Member Liaison
Last Post Aug 24th, 2014 at 5:25pm
In: Re: Videos Galore
By: SouthernConversion
2 22

  Forum Last Post Topics Posts
Forum Issues Forum Issues
Use this forum to note any issues to do with the running of the forum or anything you want to bring to Admins attention.
Moderator: Fordy
Last Post Aug 4th, 2014 at 12:22pm
In: Re: Can't figure out how...
By: Fordy
94 764

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